"Ten years ago St. John's embarked on our most ambitious project since construction of the historic nave and sanctuary in 1855. The challenge before us was to double our space in such a way as to complement one of the more recognizable and beautiful buildings in Montgomery.  ...  Cole and Cole Architects embraced our project with single minded purpose and the results are quite remarkable.

In the early stages, Cole & Cole was able to listen to our needs and deliver imaginative and practical solutions. They heard our dreams and then inspired us further with their vision of what we could become. Their appreciation of the historical magnitude of the project was apparent from day one.

Our project called for the renovation of about 18,000 square feet and new construction of another 20,000 square feet. One building was over 100 years old. Another building was over 50 years old. The new construction had to tie all that together and still draw the more attention to the historic building of 160 years prior.  ...  It was fun to watch the excitement that our rather complicated set of needs stirred in Cole & Cole.  ...  My respect and admiration for them is high.

If I can answer specific questions, please let me know. Better yet, come for a visit and see what they have pulled off here. It's a notable achievement."

Robert C. Wisnewski, Jr.
St. John's Episcopal Church