Established in 1995, Cole & Cole Architects is a second-generation architecture firm with projects located throughout the Southeast and as far north as Maine. Les Cole, president and owner of the company, received his Master of Architecture degree from Tulane University in 1988. After college, he practiced architecture in Washington, D.C. and later returned to Montgomery to work with his father, Robert Cole.

Prior to his retirement in 2001, Robert Cole led a distinguished career that spanned more than 50 years. He was the 1996 recipient of the Arthur Ross Award by the Institute for Classical Architecture, based in Manhattan.

With a proven reputation for dependability and integrity, each team member at Cole & Cole Architects brings a wealth of artistic and technical skills to every project. Their process is always marked by practicality, professionalism and personal service.

Architecture has the ability to enrich the human experience. At Cole & Cole Architects, we endeavor to capture this inspiration in the spaces we design. While always focused on our clients’ programmatic and budgetary needs, we strive for well-crafted designs that possess a sense of purpose and beauty.

At Cole & Cole Architects, the process is marked with unique and responsive solutions. Our services include site selection, master planning, design, construction drawings, pricing and contract negotiation. We provide hands-on construction administration and encourage collaboration with artisans, and other specialized consultants. Our detailed construction documents ensure that the project will be accurately priced and exceptionally built.

At Cole & Cole Architects, our commitment to design excellence and personalized service ensures the highest quality in both the process and the product. Our ultimate reward is the creation of enduring architecture that will stand the test of time.